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5 Frame Nucleus Hive (Starter Hive) – Spring 2022 Orders

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You’ve got the bug and decided to start Backyard Beekeeping – Great! Perhaps you’ve already bought your hive and equipment (Flow Hive or Langstroth Hive) and you are eager to buy your bees and get started in beekeeping as soon as possible.

But how do you get bees?

You have your beehive and now you need a colony of bees.

A nuc is a small colony of bees with a laying queen and brood, ready to expand into a full-sized hive. These are an ideal colony of bees for beekeepers looking to introduce bees to a Flow® Hive or standard Langstroth Hive.

Nucleus hives, or nucs, are made by dividing strong existing colonies (called ‘splits’). Each nuc is given a young mated queen with strong desirable genetics and given time to establish themselves. These are all done from our local bees.

We work with and support several trusted local Beekeepers to bring premium quality nucs to you.

When you receive your nuc it will consist of:

  • A mated Queen Bee from good genetic stock. 
  • Approximately 2,500 relatively friendly bees! (we don’t tend to breed or keep the nasty ones!)
  • 5 deep frames with a combination of brood, honey, and pollen and some space for expansion. 

ORDER EARLY for Spring 2022 – Don’t Miss Out!
It’s important you order all Nucleus Hives early. Typically we receive pre-orders from January through to October each year to ensure you won’t miss out. We have limited stock and always run out each year. Please feel free to contact us to discuss timing relative to your circumstances, we are happy to help.

Please be aware that Nucleus Colonies cannot be sent via Courier or Post.
We offer DIY Pickups or an additional Delivery & Mentoring Service.

Deliveries & Installs
Deliveries and installs will be charged according to location.
Pick-up location is Kendenup, Western Australia.

Expected Delivery Timeframe
People are served on a first-come, first-served basis.
Deliveries will commence in October and go through to late December, early January.



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