Are you wanting to start beekeeping and have your own bees?

FULL PRICE = $260.00 Deposit required = $60 (balance of $200 plus any extras / add-ons is to be paid at time of pickup / delivery) Nucleus hives have a current season newly mated queen with eggs, larvae, worker bees, drones and honey. Our Nucs have 5 frames in a Nuc box. There is the option to purchase and install the Nuc yourself or to have a bit of one-on-one support with Scott installing the Nuc to your hive for you. * A deposit is included in the price for the Nuc box. $30 is refunded when returned in good condition. This helps us work towards “re-use” and “less waste” as part of our sustainability objectives as a business. If you want to guarantee one of the Nuc hives the first priority will go to those who either make a deposit or full payment. The number of people who are able to make a deposit is limited to the number of Nucs that we can guarantee each round and will be reset prior to each new round of breeding should the numbers be more than expected. Please Note: Delivery days are approximate. Everyone who purchases a Nuc will be personally contacted and kept up to date when the Nucs are strong and ready to be delivered and / or installed.


1st Round – approx. 1st Week October, 2nd Round – approx. end of October, 3rd Round – November (TBC date), 4th Round – December (TBC date)


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