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Free Deliveries to Mt Barker, Kendenup, Albany, Denmark and Narrikup each week

All payments online are received prior to delivery of an order.
Payments are made either through Square (Credit & Debit Card payments) or Afterpay (Deferred payments over $35)

All product quantities on the website are an estimate.
When harvesting takes place, the quality of product is verified and sometimes the quantity available changes as a result (after all – we only want to deliver good products!)

If your product order is unavailable we offer the option to:

  • Substitute a different product
  • Change delivery day / time for your product
  • Get a credit towards future purchases
  • Get a refund.

Whilst we will notify you of the refund when done, it may take a few days to arrive back in your bank account subject to the timeframes set out by Square or Afterpay. We only refund to the payment form / type that was initially paid (eg refund Square within Square, refund Afterpay within Afterpay etc)

Standard Payment Terms
Payments on account (such as cafe, restaurants etc) are due within 7 days unless an alternative payment arrangement has been agreed in writing.

Changes to Payment Terms
Any changes to payment terms are to be agreed in writing and are not considered in effect until approved in writing  by Kate RyanTaylor (one of the business partners).

Overdue Payments & Payment Arrangements
We do understand that sometimes cash flow is difficult in small business! We are a small business too!
If you are struggling to pay on time, please talk to Kate on (0493) 044 235 ASAP (before the due date) to make an alternative payment arrangement. Please Note: Payment arrangements are at our discretion. We have the right to accept or deny these based on your customer history.

Failure to Pay
In the event that you fail to pay, we will seek the services of a debt collection agency.
We will pass on the following costs (adding these to the amount you owe us):

  • Admin cost & time for re-issuing invoices (a set fee of $10 per reminder from 3rd reminder onwards)
  • Any and all debt collection costs (including fee of up to 33% of the total debt), bailiff costs etc.

In the event of your debt being referred to the courts or a debt collector any and all communications from you regarding your debt including invoices, emails, text messages or other communications will be forwarded as evidence of the debt and our attempts to collect. Your personal contact details that we have on file will also be forwarded. We do not share your credit card or other financial information (we do not have access to this as it is either held by yourself (for direct deposts), Square (credit & debit card payments) or Afterpay (deferred payments).

Late payments with Afterpay
Your late payments with Afterpay are part of your contract between yourself and Afterpay. This is separate to Gourmet Micro Farmer, or any business under the umbrella of the K.M & S.F RYAN-TAYLOR Partnership.

“Special Order” items require an upfront deposit of 50%.
In the event of cancellation less than 4 weeks prior to delivery, this will not be refunded.

The reason for this is that there is a large cost to these items.
The initial cost of planting these commences 4 weeks prior to delivery.
Where cancellations occur within the growing period we are unable to refund. If the cancellation occurs prior to the growing period we will refund in full.

Whilst we highlight the 4 week window for growing, if you have a special order we do ask for as much notice as possible.
This way if we need to purchase additional seed or a different type of seed especially for your order, we can have adequate time to do so. 

We review refunds and returns on a case-by-case basis.

Things that we consider is:

  • Whether the items were accepted and checked upon delivery
  • Timeframe from delivery
  • If the package has been opened
  • Type of product

We do not give refunds or returns or exchanges in 100% of cases as we cannot guarantee how our product is handled once we have delivered to you. Please discuss with us the best ways of maintaining the quality of your products for the longest periods.